I coach young creatives to build a lifelong freelance client base.

Prior to establishing myself as a Film Director and Photographer, I worked in multiple sales and client acquisition roles. There I acquired a priceless skill set later adopted in the creation of my own freelance pool of local and international agencies, brands, institutions - from scratch, and most importantly, without paid marketing or social media.


Creatives have an excellent predisposition and all the innate abilities required to make their freelance activity sustainable in a short time. There's no reason they should wait any longer to thrive on their creativity.


My coaching consists of face-to-face sessions, each one tailored to each individual's career goals. They cover:

- Industry Landscape: past, present, future

- Mindset & Tools: how to get started

- Client Acquisition System: full breakdown

- Securing Long-term Growth: keeping the momentum high


If you'll like to find out more, drop me a message via contact form. Alternatively, you can secure your slot HERE.