Mathias Falcone Headshot

I am a travel photographer and filmmaker born in Italy and based in London.


My creative career kicked off over a decade ago on film and music video production sets, documenting backstage life as an enthusiastic behind-the-scenes photographer. It didn't take long to expand towards vibrant London events, grow a fantastic network of clients and capture the most iconic venues, brands and celebrities over the years - Royal Family, Elton John, Amal Clooney, Ronan Keating, EY, Financial Times, Dorchester, Savoy, and Ritz to name just a few. 


It was only a matter of time before I embraced professional travel photography, as my passion always lay in the purposeful discovery of our planet's beauties. I began with an ambitious project for a tourist board a few years ago, and went on with bespoke commissions and sponsored trips.


On the filmmaking side, my feature documentary debut Until We Live Again was recently selected at 36 festivals across 23 countries in 5 continents, picking up 6 awards on the journey.

Headshot: Pedro Ramos